Santa Lucia in Faulle

Man and the Land

Paying attention to the soil means understanding its needs.
One has to help it to be self-sufficient, creating the conditions for it to obtain the nourishment it needs
directly from the numerous plant and animal organisms that it hosts.

Trusting Nature

It is now twenty years since we began practising Biodynamic Agriculture and Philosophy.
We realized that to work with nature it is worth taking the time to observe it.
The so called “Terroir” is the unity and harmony of four elements: Earth, Air, Life and Humanity, so we focus on these.

The Research continues

The connection between our two generations is summarized in one word: Research.
Research that has continued since the 1970’s, when Alceo introduced vines which were “unusual” for the time, up until 2010, when Luca and Maurizia made the first wine without sulphites. There have been many stages in this research, and there will be many more to come for, we believe that man should be a never-ending force for growth.

The Theater of Light

Santa Lucia in Faulle lies in the valley of the “Conca d’Oro”, south of Panzano in Chianti.
According to Christian and Orthodox tradition it bears the name of a Saint who came there around the time of the winter solstice, so as to bring light and life to the Earth.

History shaped by Good Ideas

“Conca d’Oro” means “Golden Basin”, or Valley. The name has medieval origins, from the time when Siena and Florence both wanted to own the land of Chianti.
This “Conca”, due to its special exposure, southeast and southwest, was perfect for the growing of wheat
(hence the reference to the colour gold), as it is today for producing wine.

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